Here you'll find current and future events of interest to fans of Morris and his circle of influence.

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Harewood House Trust, Leeds
Useful/Beautiful: Why Craft Matters 

23 March 2019 – 1 September 2019

We are surrounded by the word craft today – whether on food packaging in supermarkets or luxury brands, galleries to gift shops to hobbies at home. What is craft and why does it matters to us today: is it a product or a process? Is it always something handmade? Is it just a marketing buzzword?

The exhibition Useful/Beautiful: Why Craft Matters, aims to challenge preconceptions, spark interest and inspire debate about the role craft can play in culture, identity and society.

Watts Gallery, Artists' Village, Surrey  
MAKE Festival: Arts and Crafts
28 September 2019 – 29 September 2019

Visitors can explore the former home and estate of G F and Mary Watts, including G F's original studio, gallery, pottery building and the Watts Chapel – a masterpiece of the Arts & Crafts movement – and try their hand at creating beautiful pieces for their own home, including cameo brooch, terracotta light pulls, a bespoke heritage paint colour, gesso ceiling panel, decorated paper fans, cut out bookplates and miniature greenhouses.
The festival will also include the chance to collaborate on a giant wallpaper design and fashion your own costume in upcycled materials.

Standen House and Garden
Morris & Co. : Inspired By Nature
1 June 2019 – 10 November 2019

Delve into the world of Morris & Co. at Standen in this new exhibition throughout the house, garden and estate. Discover how repeating patterns of flowers and birds in Morris & Co. designs were chosen, and the value that Morris placed on the revival of traditional skills and techniques including natural dyeing and tapestry weaving.

The Coach House, Kelmscott House
The Dear Warp and Weft of Hammersmith
18 April 2019 – 26 October 2019

Acanthus and Vine

This is the first exhibition of its kind about Kelmscott House, described by George Bernard Shaw as, ‘this magical house’ and will feature original Morris & Co. designs, textiles and wallpapers, complemented by beautiful photographic prints. The exhibition will faithfully convey the atmosphere of the property bursting with creative energy and artistic activity.

Palazo Reale, Milan 
19 June 2019 – 06 October 2019

The exhibition, curated by Carol Jacobi, reveals the universe of art and values ​​of the 18 Pre-Raphaelite artists represented in the exhibition to the spectators, telling the poetics of this movement through the masterpieces of the famous Tate collection: love , desire, fidelity to nature and its faithful reproduction, medieval stories, poetry, myth and beauty in all its forms.

The works will be presented in articulated thematic sections, in order to explore the objectives and ideals of that movement, the styles of the various artists, the importance of the graphic element and the spirit of collaboration which, in the field of applied arts, was a fundamental element of Pre-Raphaelitism. Furthermore, thanks to the scientific contribution of Maria Teresa Benedetti, the exhibition explores the relationship between the Pre-Raphaelites and Italy.

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