Sunday 28 May 2023

POSTPONED: Ceramic painting at the Clay Room


William De Morgan lusterware from Wrighwick Manor

Join us for an evening of artistic expression and laughter!

The Clay Room
279 Danforth Avenue, Toronto M4K 1N2

Select from a wide range of ceramic objects and spend a few hours painting your item in the company of fellow Morrisians. We can each bring in food to fuel our creative juices while we paint, or alternatively have a bite to eat beforehand at one of several restaurants in the area. 

The web page shows prices for each object available for you to choose and paint in the do-it-yourself studio’s party room.

Ceramic pieces range in price from $8 to $99 and have a corresponding studio fee. Studio fees which range from $9.50 to $21.50, depending on the size of the piece you paint, include everything we need – paints, brushes, aprons, work area, sponge shapes and letters, stencils, tools for techniques, reference materials, personal assistance, clear glazing and kiln firing.You can also come back to work on your piece as many times as you like over 30 days at no extra charge. Complete costs can range from $18 to $120, depending on what you select. For example, the complete cost of a mug or cereal bowl would be around $27.

After firing in the Clay Room’s kilns, items will be ready for pickup one week later and held for 30 days.

Members only event.
Check your email for the link to sign up!

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