Saturday 24 March 2018

A Whimsical Pre-Raphaelite Collection and Morris Birthday Celebration!

Sheila and David Latham shared their anecdotes and stories about the pieces in their collection. From small bookstores and sales to antiques in Oxford, favourite galleries and the "one that got away", a captive audience joined them through their travels to find pieces not to complete a specific collection, but works that they truly loved. "For the price of a book" was a favoured phrase, as the best finds take you by surprise.

The cake this year was made by Lera Kotsyuba, depicting the "Artichoke" pattern. Lemon-blueberry cake was paired with passionfruit curd and marshmallow buttercream, finished with a stunning pattern. Nary a crumb could be found after the toast, given by David Latham.

Happy 184th, William Morris.

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