Wednesday 11 November 2020

David Parr House Zoom Lecture

 David Parr House

Zoom Lecture
November 21st, 2pm EST

Tamsin Wimhurst will be giving WMSC members an online lecture about UK's Arts & Crafts home: David Parr House.

From the moment that Tamsin first saw the house in 2009 she knew she had discovered something special, but how could such a house be saved? The only way seemed to be for her and her husband Mike to purchase the house and set up a charity in 2014, the aim being to conserve the house and open it up to the public. The project also needed many experienced people to work out how to open such a small and fragile interior. As Tamsin was told early on, ‘you have all the issues of a stately home but on a much smaller scale and that does not make it any easier’.

Monday 9 November 2020

“Masters of the Arts & Crafts" at Roycroft, Zoom Lectures


The Roycroft Campus is once again offering a new History Course this Fall, all done virtually. The course will look at the “Masters of the Arts & Crafts,” John Ruskin, William Morris, Gustav Stickley and Elbert Hubbard II. Think of it as the Mount Rushmore of the movement. Through these four individuals, you will have a better understanding of the Arts and Crafts, and its key players. A different guest speaker will lead each class, which takes place on Zoom, Saturdays at 11:00am eastern standard time in November.

The Roycroft History Course is $20 for each individual presentation, or register for the whole course and save $10, all four classes for $70. 


Saturday, November 14th at 11am EST
Master of All Trades: William Morris’ “True Secret of Happiness”
with David Latham

William Morris, c. 1887

David Latham will give an illustrated introduction to William Morris, the Olympian genius who inspired Elbert Hubbard to found the Roycroft Arts and Crafts community and was considered by Hubbard as a “prophet of God.” A jack of all trades and master of them all, Morris stands remarkably at the forefront of six historic movements in Western culture: the Pre-Raphaelite movement in the 1850s, the Arts and Crafts movement in the 1860s, the architectural preservation movement in the 1870s, the Socialist movement in the 1880s, the prose romance movement in the 1890s, and the private press movement in the 1890s. Each of these six historic movements will be illustrated by Morris’s Pre-Raphaelite poetry, by his furniture, wallpapers, tapestries, and stained glass, by his political lectures for revolutionizing the nature of work, by his visionary prose which Yeats praised as the most beautiful language ever written, and by the font, watermarked paper, and illustrations he designed for the most beautiful books ever printed.


Saturday, November 21st at 11am EST
Gustav Stickley, The Man and His Mission
with David Dalton Rudd

Gustav Stickley

Gustav began his furniture career in 1876. How did he get to where he is today? I will give a brief background of Gustav Stickley and the progression of his life with furniture. I’ll do this through who he worked with and what he was producing. I will wrap up the presentation with an explanation of what’s going on with his Columbus Avenue home in Syracuse, NY.


Saturday, November 28th at 11am EST
Burt Hubbard: The Forgotten Son Who Saved the Roycroft
with Robert Rust

Bert Hubbard c. 1927

Elbert Hubbard II, known as Bert, was the first child of Elbert and Bertha Hubbard. He would grow up watching his father transform the Roycroft from a single printing press to an Arts & Crafts community of hundreds of artisans. Bert worked in various positions around the Roycroft, but never dreamed he’d find himself in charge in May 1915, after his father was killed aboard the Lusitania. Bert would go on to run the Shops longer than his father, becoming a leader not only at the Roycroft, but throughout East Aurora. Mr. Rust will lead us on the journey of Bert Hubbard, how he saved the Roycroft, cementing its legacy in the Arts & Crafts world, and his life after the Campus closed.