Tuesday 11 March 2014

Meet the Speakers: Veronica Alfano

In preparation for our March 22 symposium, Morris and History: historical transformations in William Morris's poetry, prose and design, meet the second of our five speakers, Veronica Alfano.

Veronica Alfano is a Faculty Fellow at the University of Oregon.  Her research interests include Victorian poetry, lyric theory, gender studies, and photography; her articles have appeared in publications such as Feminist Studies in English Literature, Baylor Journal of Theatre and Performance, Critical Matrix, and Victorians: A Journal of Culture and Literature. Currently, she is co-editing an essay collection called Virtual Victorians: Networks, Connections, Technologies and working on a book project titled The Lyric in Victorian Memory, which explores the links between mnemonic form and cultural nostalgia.

Veronica's talk for the WMSC is title Morris's Frozen Rime: History as Incident and Ornament. We are so looking forward to welcoming her to Toronto!

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